Andrea Sutcliffe, Certified Rolfer: Fascia Bodywork
New Hampshire Structural Integration License #0032

Sessions & Rates

Payment accepted in cash or check at the time of your appointment.

If your health insurance allows you to file for reimbursement for bodywork sessions, I can provide receipts to include with your claim.

Sessions offered:

1.)  Free Initial Assessment:  30 minutes - a great way to get your questions answered and receive a real demonstration of the work.

2.)  $120.00 for a 90 Minute Session:  This is the classic Protocol - and also customized to your individual needs.  Education is provided throughout the session.  Bring shorts, a tank top, your curiosity and questions
3.)  $80.00 for a 60 Minute Session Protocol fascia bodywork, and also fascia bodywork customized to your individual needs in a shorter session.  Education is provided throughout.  Bring shorts, a tank top, your curiosity and questions

Specialty Sessions:

1.)  $65.00  for 45 Minute Hand Session:  Helps to get some real changes in the fascia of hands that work so hard.
2.)  $65.00 for 45 Minute Foot Session:   Your feet are built for complex tissue movement and adaptability.  Get some of that back!

3.)  $65.00 45 Minute Scar Tissue Session:  Scar tissue is connective tissue and it can change!

In-Office Classes:

4.)  $25.00 per 50 Minute Micro-Movement Class for up to 3 Students:  Micro-Movement Class is where we learn the "homework."  What can we do in our daily lives to help ourselves?  Wear comfortable clothing, and come with an openness to learn.


Gift Certificates available through the office: please call (603) 733-7916 or email Andrea at