Andrea Sutcliffe, Fascia Bodywork
New Hampshire Structural Integration License #0032


Micro Movement - Working Together
During Fascia Bodywork sessions, you will be coached to use simple Micro-Movements.  These Micro-Movements are based on the two motions we do most in our day:  breathing and walking. 

Using Micro-Movements very specifically allows bone to stretch fascia from the inside.  As you learn to Micro-Move from the inside, I use hands-on Fascia Bodywork techniques from the outside.  Change is more evident working together.

We work standing, sitting, lying down and walking, so wear stretchy, comfortable clothing. 

With Fascia Bodywork, changes are possible in your first session to pain level, range of  motion and posture.  Changes that give more comfortable freedom of movement.  Freedom to move means more freedom to do the things you love!

"Last Winter, I slipped and fell with all my weight on my right shoulder.  I had severe pain, and lost motion quickly.  After one session with Andrea, my motion/pain improved 80%!"  C.  Physical Therapy Assistant