Andrea Sutcliffe, Certified Rolfer: Fascia Bodywork
New Hampshire Structural Integration License #0032

How It Works

Structural Integration was originally developed to very specifically address the resilient connective tissues found everywhere in the body - tendons, ligaments and the fascial sheaths which enclose all muscles, organs and bones. Structural Integration acquired a brand name of "Rolfing®" after Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who originated it.

The goal was to help people stand up straighter - gain length with balance and ease of movement.  Regain the body's natural ability to work with gravity - not fight against it.  Many folks began to simply feel better, leading to a better quality of life.

In my practice, we follow a protocol - a standard recipe of hands-on techniques that works for everyone.  AND, we give significant time and attention to your specific conditions.

This one page PDF description of the Rolfing® Ten Session Protocol, or standard recipe, may be helpful to view or print. 

During the session, you wear underwear, shorts and a tank top.  Or wear stretchy gym-wear in which is comfortable for you.  Athletic bras for women are fine.  The office has a private bathroom which doubles as a changing room for you.

We may start with simple, diagnostic movements which serve as an individual baseline for you. Then, hands-on fascia and nerve techniques are used for most of the session.

We work together from general, large muscle areas to very specific areas of tension - all the while talking about what you are sensing and your comfort level. Often, we'll add simple movements of the feet, hands, arms or legs to help the effectiveness.