Andrea Sutcliffe, Certified Rolfer: Fascia & Nerve Bodywork
New Hampshire Structural Integration License #0032

Credentials & Testimonials

Andrea J. Sutcliffe is a graduate of the Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, which is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).

♦  Licensed by the State of New Hampshire to practice Structural Integration Bodywork.

♦  Member of the Rolf Institute in good standing.

♦  Member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

♦  Bachelor of Science Degree Cum Laude in Health Education and Physical Education


Testimonials From Clients:

"Andrea is wonderful to work with - soft-spoken and respectful, but with a good sense of fun too.  I noticed changes in my body after the very first session.  As the sessions went along, I felt real improvement in a long standing problem with one shoulder and my lower back.  Now I'm intrigued to see the ongoing evolution as I assimilate the work begun with the ten session series, and follow recommendations for what I can do on my own at home."  Cathy, Retired Administrator

"When I met Andrea, I thought, "What a nice person - hope she can help me!"  I was so tired of having pain in my lower back for so many years and not getting rid of it.  I did the 10 Sessions for ten weeks in a row, as I did not want to waste time - and I wanted relief ASAP.  Every week I could see that things were getting better.  I have to say, some moments were painful, but it only lasted a few seconds, and I knew that, for me, it was 'no pain, no gain'.  This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  I waited some time after I finished my tenth session to write this because I wanted to see if my problem would come back - but so far, so good!"  J.N.  Career Machinist, planning on a long and healthy retirement in less than 1 year

"ALL my clients who have seen you talk about what a valuable experience your Rolfing Structural Integration work has been for them.  They are beginning to appreciate how they move!"  John Martineck, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Peaceful and comfortable."  Workshop attendee after a five minute demo of neck work

"Andrea's work really helped me."  Irene, retired, home-bound, chair-bound, after 2 sessions

"My sessions with Andrea have been phenomenal.  Initially, my unfamiliarity with Rolfing coupled with what I had heard about this type of bodywork had me somewhat apprehensive.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I found myself relaxing into the treatments and emerging very grounded.  I had no idea my feet could feel so loose, flexible and GOOD!  All at the same time, I discovered my posture naturally improving without a concerted effort.  My body felt "in place", right where it should be.  Andrea's warm manner put me at ease right away.  Her skills and talents, philosophy about bodywork and ability to adapt the treatments to my individual needs certainly made my visits worth the trip."  Janette S.,  Business Administrator

"Andrea has the magic touch.  You can feel relaxed as she works her skilled hands on your tendons, ligaments and muscle groups to align them.  I  relaxed enough to almost fall asleep on her table.  She is very attentive to how you are feeling and continually asks if a procedure is feeling comfortable for you.  She also explains everything she is doing and advises on actions you can continue at home.  I'm very happy with the work she did for me."  Jack M.,  Retired Teacher

"I have suffered with low back pain for three years.  My expectations for Rolfing were low.  I had already been through many different therapies.  It turned out, Rolfing and addressing fascia were key for me.  Month by month, we worked on different aspects of the body.  After a session with Andrea, I felt relaxed and "right" in my body.  Andrea is a patient, caring and calm practitioner.  She spends adequate time and always educated during a session.  She is very sensitive to how a client is feeling physically as well as emotionally, and quickly adapts her treatment and environment to the situation.  I urge you to consider Rolfing and Andrea if you are looking to find more peace, space, balance and less pain in your body.  It has been a blessing to me."  Beverly M., Working Mother

"Andrea is calming and very well prepared and thoughtful.   She was gentle, yet effective. Great combo!"  Kathy A., Licensed Massage Therapist

"Andrea's work always leaves me feeling more open and spacious in my body.  My bow legs really benefited from the Structural Integration bodywork sessions. I left the last session feeling more open in my right leg down through my foot than I have ever felt before in my whole life. Andrea's work has changed my body!"  Brandon D., Certified Rolfer and Creative Artist

"Andrea helped me to know my body more. I was very surprised with the big changes she got. Thank you very much - it was a very good experience."  Myrian L., Physical Therapist