Andrea Sutcliffe, Certified Rolfer: Fascia Bodywork
New Hampshire Structural Integration License #0032

About Andrea


An injury to a small bone in my neck at an early age caused life-long tension and pain for me.  It got worse coming into middle age, culminating in two frozen shoulders.  After the standard medical treatment, I continued to seek out ways to keep getting better, one step at a time. 

One way I tried was Rolfing® Structural Integration Bodywork.  I found it to be very effective.  It was a "structured journey" of sorts, which allowed some real physical changes and real physical healing.

Now, I practice Integrative Bodywork as a Certified Rolfer, licensed by the State of New Hampshire.  I look at each session, and each series of sessions, as a structured journey which I can offer to those who are ready to try and curious about this work.

Teaming up with regular people who are giving themselves the very real gift of their own time and their own resources to bring about a change for their own betterment is wonderful!