Andrea Sutcliffe, Certified Rolfer: Integrative Bodywork
New Hampshire License #0032


If you would love to live with less pain, feeling more normal to do the things you love, I can help.

I offer a system of Integrative Bodywork (also known as Rolfing®, or Structural Integration). This hands-on bodywork may look like massage, but the techniques are very different.  The techniques target fascia and nerves.  Through a progression of work, it helps to bring your body into a more normal state for you as a unique individual.

Within the human body is a system of connective tissue which includes sheets of fascia. This web-like system holds everything together, including nerves.  It forms your body's shape, and it’s all connected!

This system of connective tissue has remarkable self-healing capabilities.  When you hear that you are 60% water, much of that water is making up your fascia.  Water moves.  Water changes.  So can your fascia, and so can you!

Fascia can get overwhelmed by the stress of modern living. Stress and injury can cause it to tighten up all over - irritating nerves, restricting movement and compressing the body down.

The hands-on fascia techniques which Integrative Bodywork provides allows this web-like system to re-organize itself into a more normal state of movement and ease.  In addition, Movement Education specific to this work provides simple ways to continue the work on your own at home or work.  Pain is often reduced or eliminated.

If you are looking to live your life more fully at any age – really feeling good doing the things you love – I can help with this effective system of Integrative Bodywork.