Andrea Sutcliffe, Fascia Bodywork
New Hampshire Structural Integration License #0032


Fascia Bodywork is hands-on soft tissue mobilization.  It targets the superficial layer of fascia, which is like a body stocking just under your skin.  Fascia Bodywork helps the fascia, and other soft tissues in your body, regain ability to stretch and to spring back to normal.  It may also help your bones and joints to align themselves more effectively.

"Andrea is calming, very well prepared and thoughtful."  K.  Licensed Massage Therapist

Is It Like Massage?
Fascia Bodywork techniques are specific to gently stretching fascia.  It is quite different from muscle massage techniques.

Is Fascia Bodywork a step in your wellness journey?
Give it a try - a 30 minute demo session is only $20.00.  Come get your questions answered, and experience Fascia Bodywork for yourself!